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Elina can help you and your business in many ways. Elina can help you increase your share of online bookings, improve operations and save time - but 'how?' Below are some key questions that you may want to ask… so go ahead and Ask Elina directly!  Type your keywords in the field below, or if your question isn't answered here, please type it in using the form below. We will reply to you with our answer and also consider adding it to the list below. 

How can I get more direct bookings through my website? the elina property management system comes with a fully featured online booking engine. this integrates seamlessly with your own website, and allows you to maximise direct bookings through your website.   of course, having an online booking engine alone won’t increase your website conversions. to drive more bookings, you’ll want to consider offering promotions and packages that are only available when people book directly through your website. for example, you could run a specific ad campaign that offers a 25% discount for online bookers only – then you can simply setup a promotion to run through elina that gives this discount automatically, should they be booking through your website.   whilst our booking engine comes complete with your elina pms subscription, it is by no means an “afterthought”. you’re getting a fully equipped online booking system that offers all the functions and features you’re used to seeing on the otas – only this one doesn’t charge commission!   in addition, if you are looking to update, change or create a new website, our website design team have built some outstanding websites for some of our hospitality clients - check out some of our portfolio found here.   to find out how you can get more bookings through your website, book a demo today and speak to one of our team to create the best solution for you! how can i get more bookings through my website? direct, direct bookings
How can I reduce the commission I pay to OTAs? being listed on otas (online travel agency) is a great way to bring in a large number of bookings, however, this can come at a price. with commission rates generally upwards of 20%, every time you sell a room through an ota you’re bringing down your profit margin considerably. fortunately, the elina property management system comes with a number of features that can help you manage the volume of rooms you sell through otas and reduce ota commissions, and enabling you to increase the number of rooms you sell directly.   with our distribution and channel management integration options, you’re able to easily sell your properties through otas. however, you may decide to only sell them through otas at the last minute in order to shift unoccupied rooms quickly. with elina, you’re able to choose which properties are sold through the otas, and even restrict some being sent unless they are within a certain booking period. for example, you could decide to only offer rooms on otas if they’re still available within 5 days of the potential guests booking date. this way, you give your website and other direct channels a real opportunity to sell the room first, increasing your chances of a direct sell and improving your profit margin.   elina is packed full of useful features that can help you improve the number of direct bookings you get, and ultimately improve your profitability. get in touch today for a free, no-obligation demo and find out what elina can do for your business today. how can i reduce my commission to otas?

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