Elina's Online Booking Engine

Maximise your direct bookings

Online Booking Engine Software

No matter what your business area is: serviced apartments, hotels and resorts or B&B’s, direct bookings are hugely important.

They are a fantastic way to build value with your guests and also play a crucial role in keeping your bottom line healthy.

By using Elina’s built-in booking engine software, you are able to have guests book on your live availability, process online payments and interact with guests through their own bespoke online profiles.



  • Your apartment, B&B or hotel booking engine can be styled to look like a seamless part of your website
  • Customise almost every element to ensure that your Elina booking engine is as unique as your company

Mobile responsive

The architecture of the booking engine software is built in mobile responsive technology which means that everyone has a fantastic and simple booking experience, regardless of the device they are booking on

Commission free

We don’t penalise you for getting direct bookings - so we do not charge for the bookings that you get through your Elina booking engine

Online guest area

The guest lounge area is built into the online booking engine software to allow guests to log in, monitor their spend, and interact with your business

Online agency area

Allow travel agents to log in through your booking engine and make bookings straight onto your inventory without having to get in touch with you

Online property owner's area

If you are a serviced apartment provider and you deal with multiple property owners, you can create bespoke owner profiles so they can monitor their property statistics, payments and messages

Multi-language enabled

Available in all major European languages

Tailored, Modern, Simple

Take control of your direct bookings with Elina’s built in, commission free, and customisable Online Booking Engine.

Elina Public Booking Engine

Some of Elina's features

  • Occupancy calendar

    Occupancy calendar

    View, make and move bookings with a visual breakdown of your property

    Rates and Promotions

    Rates and Promotions

    Set, manage and update your rates and promotions to maximise occupancy



    Sell your property worldwide by connecting to many of the world's leading online travel agents

  • Products and Services

    Products and Services

    Increase margins and enhance your offer with add-on products and services



    Further streamline operations by integrating Elina with your payment gateways, accounting packages & POS

    Email marketing

    Email marketing

    Targeted, automated, personalised email marketing for effective guest communications

  • Property management

    Property management

    Improved operations throughout your property

    Invoices and Accounts

    Invoices and Accounts

    Managing your property finances

    Staff Lounge

    Staff Lounge

    Tailor access within Elina for individual staff members depending on their role and responsibilities

  • Guest Profiles

    Guest Profiles

    Complete profiles for all of your guests

    Notes Module

    Notes Module

    Use notes to capture key information, to do's and reminders to help run your property more efficiently



    Extensive reporting tools for property management

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