Joshua Miranda

Customer Success Coordinator

Tell us a bit about your career and your journey to elina:

I graduated with a business and event management degree. My first job was in an event management production company in India. I got the opportunity to organise many TV shows and corporate events. With this experience I decided to move back to my home town (Goa, India) to help out with my family business. In 2013, I joined STAAH as a Product Head Consultant. After working at STAAH for a couple of years I decided to move to the UK to join my girl friend (now wife). 
I started my career in the UK, as a member of a support team in a tenant referencing company and then joined elina PMS in 2017. 
What do you like most about working for elina?
The thing I like most about working at elina is the freedom to try out new things without the fear of being judged. It allows me to think out of the box which allows professional growth.
Tell us a bit about your life outside of work...
When I am not working, I always have a camera with me. Love capturing moments, so far my photo collection are over 40,000. I love travelling to new places and my love for photography makes it more interesting.  I also have a cockapoo puppy named Hailey! (attached a photo)
Have you any funny career incidents that you can't get out of your head?
During my first internship as an event coordinator. I was managing a show at a hotel. I was in the courtyard setting up for the event and needed to go the hotel reception. It was a long distance and I was running out of time, so I decided to take a shorter route. It was not illuminated, before I realised I accidentally fell in the pool!
Something to laugh at now, couldn’t say the same when it happened. 
What is your mantra to success?
Work hard until you do not have to introduce yourself anymore.