Patricia Essiam

Web developer & designer

Tell us a bit about your career and your journey to elina:

I have had a strong design background starting from painting in visual art and culminating in a degree in graphic design. Having design in my day to day life, I have always been interested in translating ideas, from a simple thought, to sketch and then the final piece. I was intrigued by how that could be achieved through modern terchnologies particularly on the web and in industry - This is how my passion for web development started.  I was a fairly new front end developer when I applied for an internship with Elina to work on creating highly intuitive and user friendly websites which cater for varying client needs. 

What do you like most about working for elina?

I enjoy working with the different teams in Elina. 

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work....

I  love outdoor activities such as daily jogs in the park, bootcamp classes and the occasional travel for hiking. I love to try out different combat sports , and so far on my list are boxing and Thai boxing (yes they are different).

Have you any funny career incidents that you can't get out of your head?

I guess a funny incident was when I spent 2 hrs trying to figure out why a part of a navigation menu on a website was not showing on my desktop screen, though it was visible in the backend. I eventually figured I had scrolled down the page and needed to scroll back up. (I guess only a developer can relate)

What is your mantra to success?

In everything I love to give my 100%. I also try to listen out for comments or constructive feedback either from clients or team members that will help me improve my work and quality of delivery.