Elina for Resorts

A property management system that caters for resorts of all sizes, whether single or multi-owner.

Resort Management Software

Elina stands out as a resort management system that caters for hotels and resorts of all sizes, providing consistent cutting edge functionality at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers.

Being web based, Elina allows management, reservation staff and all other team members to work and interact on the same platform, regardless of their location.

Elina has user permissions and unlimited staff profiles, enabling you to restrict access for some staff, while ensuring that senior members of your team have the overview they need.


What is a multi-owner resort?


A multiple owner resort is exactly as it sounds - it’s a collection of rentable units that are individually owned by different owners, under the banner of a management company. The owners then have the choice to live in them for part of the year and then rent them out for the rest.

The management company - the business responsible for renting out the owners property for the rest of the year - is responsible for selling the owners properties, and then dividing up the revenue amongst them.

Elina’s resort management software provides you with multi-owner profiling and revenue distribution functionality, which means that dealing with multiple owners has never been simpler.


Seasonal and banded rates

  • Optimise your rates across your high and low season to maximise profitability

Multi-owner functionality

  • Use Elina’s advanced revenue sharing and distribution functionality to divide up and allocate owner & management commissions automatically

Dynamic promotions and offers

  • Dynamically update rates based on occupancy, time of booking, length of booking and much more

Automatic email marketing tool

  • Automate your pre-arrival, pre-departure and post-departure emails to your guests to keep in touch with them at all times

Commission free online booking engine

  • Have guests book directly on your live availability using our customised and commission free booking engine

2 way property distribution

  • Post your availability online with a two way API connection to hundreds of channels
  • Limit what inventory you send to which channels and at what time

Products and services

  • Upsell & cross sell to your guests to start their experience early and boost your bottom line


‘They have a very passionate team: Siggi is crazy about finding solutions, Iselin is crazy about marketing and web development, Christopher is crazy about providing a great/useful and very strong product, Thomas is crazy about online marketing. We are crazy about creating a wonderful hotel. Work with them, you will not regret it!’

Robert Mayer - Mantra Samui Resort

Elina Property Management Platform for Serviced Apartments, ApartHotels & Vacation Rentals

Some of Elina's features

  • Occupancy calendar

    Occupancy calendar

    View, make and move bookings with a visual breakdown of your property

    Rates and Promotions

    Rates and Promotions

    Set, manage and update your rates and promotions to maximise occupancy



    Sell your property worldwide by connecting to many of the world's leading online travel agents

  • Products and Services

    Products and Services

    Increase margins and enhance your offer with add-on products and services



    Further streamline operations by integrating Elina with your payment gateways, accounting packages & POS

    Email marketing

    Email marketing

    Targeted, automated, personalised email marketing for effective guest communications

  • Property management

    Property management

    Improved operations throughout your property

    Invoices and Accounts

    Invoices and Accounts

    Managing your property finances

    Staff Lounge

    Staff Lounge

    Tailor access within Elina for individual staff members depending on their role and responsibilities

  • Guest Profiles

    Guest Profiles

    Complete profiles for all of your guests

    Notes Module

    Notes Module

    Use notes to capture key information, to do's and reminders to help run your property more efficiently



    Extensive reporting tools for property management

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Integrated with the rest of the world

Options for dynamic and real time connections to all major online travel agents and distribution channels, enabling you to supercharge your distribution networks.

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