Serviced apartment software - elina pms

We are serviced apartment-friendly. Whether you are mostly taking corporate or leisure bookings, we can facilitate managing both together with elina serviced apartment software. We recognise the differences between serviced apartments and hotels. We know that you may be taking a mixture of short and long stay reservations, need flexibility around invoicing and to keep the owners of the apartments happy.

smart reservations calendar

Reservations management for short, medium and long stay bookings. All channels in one calendar. Create, edit, manage and move bookings. Use custom filters to improve your reservation team experience!

Real-time Dashboards

Use real-time dashboards to view today and yesterday dashboards, in elina serviced apartment software, to make decisions and take actions. The global search helps you find guests, reservations,  invoices, companies and help quickly.

Self-service for company bookings

Provide your companies and agencies with the option to self-service in making reservations, off their own rate tariff and with their own invoicing rules. Travel managers and guests of companies can book.

custom property filters

Set up your own property filters to help staff, guests and companies interact and find the properties they are looking for. This extends across pages and tools in elina.

Automate payments and invoices

Choose an integrated payment gateway from our partners and save time and improve cashflow

  • Choose a payment gateway – Stripe, Opayu, Barclaycard – for processing all credit card payments direct and through OTAs
  • Automate charging corporate and OTA bookings based on invoice or charge rules.
  • Allocate the billing rule based on company, rate type, source, property
  • VAT adjusts based on length of stay
  • Move an invoice from guest to a company

Direct Sales tools

Increase revenue via more direct reservations, guest profiling and upselling

  • Cutting edge mobile booking engine with social proof and urgency messaging for conversion
  • Enhanced ecommerce integration to Google Analytics for marketing management
  • Create and market add ons both pre and during stay to upsell
  • View guest history and notes for improving engagement and profiling
  • Prospecting using quotes to convert to reservations when confirmed

elina PMS apartment management software strengths

billing and payments

Create and collect manual and automated charges and invoices, both one off periods and weekly, or monthly intervals. Account for and report on VAT changes.

Data access and reporting

Define access for team members. Use your data to learn and make better business decisions.


You do you! Configure elina through settings to work successfully for your processes and goals. 

Owner management tools

Offer owners a login portal and use tools in elina to improve how you review performance on owners units

  • Calculate how much owners are due for each reservation
  • Manage their inventory if permitted to give and take availability
  • Access their bookings and reports on production & payments

COmpany management

Reduce time in managing company reservations and encourage direct company engagement

  • Manage company records and search and find companies
  • Assign company managers, travelers both with and without approvals
  • Set up company rates and invoices rules
  • Enable companies to view and manage their reservations via a login

Tip 1: CHoose the channels you need


Map key channels end to end for reservations, rates, restrictions and availability. Including, AirBnB, Expedia, Situ, Silverdoor, Homeaway and more.

Tip 2: Use dynamic pricing to increase revenue

Using Dynamic rules in your pricing strategy when using elina will give you a great way of diversifying rates and types of booking. From using set rates for corporate customers to creating promotional codes for use on your own website only. You have the tool to target bookings based on sources, length of stay, booking windows etc. You be able to automatically increase and decrease prices based on rules that you set, you will then be able to distribute these across your channels too.

Tip 3: Decide to play it safe or go for even more bookings

Moving guests between apartments, is not the same as moving guests inbetween rooms at a hotel. We recognise this at elina PMS and so you can choose to sell exact inventory, meaning you do not have to move reservations from channels like This is called consecutive availability, which informs the channels of max and min length of stay per unit. Or you can opt to sell through so you maximise reservations and then manage them by moving them. It’s a setting, choose apartment management software which gives you control.

Tip 4: Automate most guest communication

Your team may not meet with guests at all, so communicating with them once they have booked until after they have arrived is very important. You can use apartment management software to create an email communication for each touch point in their guest journey, from the booking confirmation, through pre-arrival details to post booking comms, such as requesting a review. Use the guest login to help reduce inbound from guests and give them reassurance about their upcoming stay.