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Pro websites made easy. Impress your guests!

Choose your Google friendly pro designed EasyPro website, where your property content syncs. Easier to use than Wordpress, manage your content and SEO quickly.

EasyPro websites are pre-designed template driven websites which work for hotels, serviced apartments and vacation rentals which sync yor property content to elina and have an easy to use content management system at their heart.

This takes out the process of briefing and creating a website, meaning you can have your professional website up and running faster. You can expect to get full support from our team when setting up your mobile friendly EasyPro website.

Pick your design

EasyPro classic

Client: Queens Hotel

The Queens Hotel is a privately owned and managed hotel, ideally suited for families, business and leisure clients. They chose our EasyPro Umbraco website from elina, a pro designed website already designed to meet there needs to showcase their fantastic apartments across London.

Easypro destinations

Client: Charles Hope

Charles Hope, one of the fastest growing serviced apartment operators since 2016 in the UK, selected an EasyPro website to emphasis their mid to high end properties across major cities. 

EasyPro locale

Client: Home From Holme

Home from Holme, an established serviced apartments in St Albans, picked an EasyPro website to keep costs down, whilst getting a website that markets their apartments to the right audience.

EasyPro Air

Discover EasyPro Air. Click here to try for yourself.

Managing direct bookings has been made easier with enhanced Google Analytics, organised SEO management, and an amazing booking experience for guests. Our new fantastic EasyProAir website by elina enables syncing of your accommodation from elina pms into the latest version of Umbraco CMS.

1. own your website!


Whilst we get busy with hosting your website, all you do is just have to own it.

2. Easy sync


No need for manually transferring all your website content from your current or old website. EasyPro automatically does it for you. 

3. Mobile friendly 

Asset 1

This one is a no brainer. A secure and mobile friendly website is just as important as having a beautifully designed website. You can expect a great user-experience from our mobile friendly interface. According to Google, 42% of UK smartphone users who consider researching hotels on their mobile devices to be easy, whilst in Germany it's 39% and US at 46%.

Powered by Umbraco Content Management System & elina

We use Umbraco 7 for our Content Management System, the friendliest CMS platform you can possibly imagine. Umbraco is the platform that offers the freedom to manage and do things the exact way you want it according to your requirements as it is flexible. The main reason why we use Umbraco is because it is essentially the best hosting platform for websites – loved by developers and used by thousands around the world, so that pretty much says it all. You are able to integrate with anything you like or need due to its extensibility. Umbraco allows us to create beautiful templates and designs due to its simple yet fantastic user interface which essentially helps us create an effortless workflow. Simple built-in tools helps with an easy going functionality to help manage multilingual content, which is easy to add, update and edit various different languages. Working with Umbraco has never been more straightforward.