Apartment management software

We are serviced apartment friendly. Our team has been involved in growing this market since the naughties! (Ahem that’s 2000’s). We recognize the differences between serviced apartments and hotels – the importance of short to long stay reservations, flexibility around invoicing and keeping the owners of the apartments happy.

elina PMS can help your serviced apartments 

Development centred

Day by day dashboard with actions, focusing on minimising cost of sales, marketing tools and view of powerful analytics


Unified management

Central management system used in single or multiple locations, take control of bookings, operations, income, accounts and reports



Making tasks easier for processing invoicing, funds, informing OTAs, distributing reservations, correspondence, valuing price



VAT changes, length of stay restrictions, company management



Booking.com, AirBnB & Expedia & 100s more



Self-service login for managing bookings, profile and portfolio


''We appreciate Elina because of the 360 degree view it provides from automating the customer journey, to easy operating and HQ reports for control and revenue management'' Christiane, Sales & Marketing Brera Serviced Apartments

Set up your apartment management software for success

Tip 1: Automate payments

Automate payments for invoices and deposits, by setting up invoicing rules and signing up for a payment gateway. Find a payment gateway you want to work with (we recommend some) so elina PMS save you a lot of time by facilitating payment. This works because elina PMS, which is PCI compliant, creates a digital token enabling a relationship to be created, which enables all scheduled payments to fire in line with invoice rules. Typically, serviced apartments take a percentage of the booking at the time it is made and the rest before the arrival.

Tip 2: Exact inventory or sell-through

Moving guests between apartments, is not the same as moving guests inbetween rooms at a hotel. We recognise this at elina PMS and so you can choose to sell exact inventory, meaning you do not have to move reservations from channels like Booking.com. This is called consecutive availability, which informs the channels of max and min length of stay per unit. Or you can opt to sell through so you maximise reservations and then manage them by moving them. It’s a setting, choose apartment management software which gives you control.

Tip 3: Housekeeping

Housekeeping is an important topic. Decide on whether you will manage the cleaners from reports or give them access to manage themselves using permissions. If you want on and offline apps to give the cleaning and maintenance team micro detail on what do, when and where – use an elina PMS integrated partner Roomchecking. You can also allocate orders to be delivered including paid for items, including food and beverage or free items such as cleaning.

Tip 4: Communicate with guests

Your team may not meet with guests at all, so communicating with them once they have booked until after they have arrived is very important. You can use apartment management software to create an email communication for each touch point in their guest journey, from the booking confirmation, through pre-arrival details to post booking comms, such as requesting a review. You can also use an integrated elina partner such as Digi check-ins to get e-signatures, guest information and ID checks to validate the guest’s reservation.