How can I simplify my accounting?

Accounting for the hospitality industry can be complex, and keeping track of all your accounting tasks can be tough, but with Elina Property Management System, that's all taken care of without you lifting a finger.


Every time a booking is made in the system an invoice is created, then how that invoice is paid is governed by invoice rules and are completely up to you. For long stay guests you can even set up repeat invoices so that your revenue is taken care of with the least amount of hassle to your staff and your guests.


Elina PMS also offers a number of payment gateway and accounting software integration options that can automate, synchronise and further simplify your accounting processes and procedures.


If you want to simplify, then automate! Automate everything from your revenue collection to your revenue distribution using Elina’s payment and invoicing rules to make sure that everything is taken care of - get in touch with our sales team today to find out how.

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