Property Management System

Check our the most popular features of property management system and benefits in elina

reservations calendar 

  • Allocates automatically
  • Colour coded system
  • Move bookings easily

Our Reservations Calendar automatically assigns reservations from all booking channels that are connected including, Expedia and AirBnB. The responsive calendar consists of quick tools and easy navigation. You are able to filter property type by area, type of accommodation, status, and booking window. You are also able to move, split, displace and replace bookings. Colour coded bookings and icons help staff by making it easy to identify attributes of each reservation. Advanced function includes opting to communicate maximum length of stay and spreading reservations fairly between owners of accommodation. Our features of property management system with the calendar is always just one click away! It’s located on the main navigation bar.

indsutry leading in-software search

  • Find guests by partial name, email, phone number or address details
  • Use to navigate or find tools in elina
  • Search for help videos and articles by using a ‘?’

With our intelligent and fast search, you are able to find guests effectively by partial or full name, email, phone number or address by our features of property management system. By this you can have an overview of reservations, invoices, details and task quick actions at a glance. This instant search result, leading to useful actions will save your team time. For example, when taking an inbound call - search for the phone number to find the guests details in an instant. Or checking if a guest has paid all invoices, search their name, choose the right guest based on stay or other info and check invoice statuses on screen.

real-time dashboard

  • See to do lists at a glance
  • Click through to take action
  • Overview of performance

Beautiful real-time dashboards with daily actions and performance views. Useful info on check in and check out, notes, orders, recent reservations and important info, such as staying guests with outstanding invoices, or amended reservations from channels. Use filters to check reservations made recently that are due to arrive today! Switch to performance view to see occupancy, RevPAR and average daily rate for last months, current month and next month. Click on screen to link to the action in elina, to make daily tasks faster with our features of property management system

in-software Self Service help

  • Videos, articles and tips
  • Search ‘?’ to find help
  • Click the ‘?’ on a page to see helpful content

Our support services are helpful to get tips, info and videos at point. You are able to click on the question mark on any page to learn anything you may be needing help with. Feedback on elina is super quick and easy, with our team on the phone or email. Stumble on an error – we make it fast to report, using as much information as we have from your session to solve it as quickly as possible.

invoicing and payments

  • Assign invoice rules to companies or channels
  • Automate invoicing using rules of reservation
  • Connect a payment gateway to automate payments

Automate invoices and charging of payments effectively. Be able to assign different invoice rules to guests, companies, channels and owners. If you feel there are problems with any invoicing, it is easy to identify missed or overdue invoices easily. You don’t need to go through several stages to check important information that you need to view quick anymore. Check account balances for guests, companies and owners at a glance! Pay with multiple payment methods, making it simpler for splitting payments.


  • Dynamic rules to create additional rate categories
  • Set limitations and restrictions on rates
  • Making rate decisions based on rates calendar

Control your rates, deals, packages and dynamic pricing rules from elina for both direct and external reservations. Whether you are a serviced apartment, vacation rental or hotel, you can control your end price on various channels. Be able to set daily rates according to property/room type, change price for a selected period of time by room type. Easy to update restrictions using advanced or quick options, changing it per day of the week for minimum and maximum stay restrictions. Rate relations (sometimes known as parent/child rates or derived pricing), enabling you to set up incremental pricing and automating within your pricing structure.  Use dynamic rules to be able to create additional rate categories such as advanced purchase. For further revenue management, use yield management rules based on occupancy levels. Saving you time by making rate decisions easier. Go further and use a connected algorithm and market information powered RMS – see our integrations page.


  • Upsell add ons during reservation process
  • Make extras available on any day of stay
  • Report on sales from upsell

Upsell by creating and marketing add-ons or extras to your guests to increase revenue. elina features of property management system offers extras via the phone as your staff go through the booking process in elina, or in your website, via the elina booking engine, or in the elina guest login. Have the ability to inform housekeeping of items or services to be delivered efficiently from orders. Set up categories such as food and beverage, housekeeping, local events, room service gifts – anything you want. Offering add ons to guests can improve their experience and stay. Guests will often pay for convenience and score better on reviews.