Hotel PMS Software

We 'get' hotels and guests. We’ve stayed at loads and worked in quite a few. We know that you are chasing that higher RevPAR, checking occupancy levels for next month and working out what extras your guests will pay for! We are all about making growth easier.

elina PMS can help your hotel

Growth focused

Daily dashboard with actions, ways to reduce cost of sale, powerful analytics, marketing tools


centralised management 

Single or multi-location, reservations, tasks & operations, revenue, finance & reports



automation of tasks

Invoicing, payments, deposits, updating OTAs, allocating reservations, communication, pricing


more direct bookings

Intelligent booking engine, promotions, price control per channel, Google enhanced eCommerce 


Staff friendly

Modern design for usability, support centre with user guides, FAQs and videos, phone & email support 


choose integrations

Find integrations to apps, products or services that will help you save more time, improve revenue and experience 


"elina property management system gives me advanced tools for managing revenue, rates, guests and companies. The booking engine has led to an increase in direct bookings from the visitors we get to our website, which has been great! I'd recommend to any general managers looking for software which does more." Tom, GM, The Cow Dalbury

Set up your hotel PMS software for success

Tip 1: Get guests to login

Make it easy for guests to login and check their reservation, download and print their reservation invoice, edit their personal of reservation info, or will simply tell you the time they are arriving. For hotels, the less time the team are on the phone, helping past guests, or future guests, the more time they are spending on helping guests staying right now, or closing enquiries and increasing revenue. The way to do this is to have clear calls to action in all automated email communication informing guests they can login and self-service.

Tip 2: Automate rate changes

Set up your rates in elina to increase based on occupancy and other rules. Whether you want to increase rates when your property, or an individual room type achieves a certain amount sold, is up to you. You can also use the rate manager to decrease pricing automatically within a defined number of days if you still have a number of rooms to book. Overall, using rules like this to manage direct and OTA pricing will save time and increase revenue in your hotel PMS software. You can also pick an integrated partner such as Outperform RMS, as an add on and use in depth market, competitor and performance data to determine rate changes which use algorithms to make decisions.

Tip 3: Strategically control OTA availability

Given the high cost of sale on different OTAs, you can choose to manage your availability by using withholding on elina PMS. Hotels are often busy on weekends on business travel days in the week. Using rules you can define within which window of time, so for example all weekends, or always more than 90 days away you either give zero or limited availability to certain OTA channels. This can reduce cost of sale and operational costs of processing a high number of cancellations. Using it strategically can also increase the number of direct reservations, by protecting the last few rooms to far ahead to be sold direct.

Tip 4: Upsell extras

Margin on food and beverage and other extras can be very good and selling more can really increase revenue. During the reservation process and after, set up your hotel PMS software to offer add ons or extras, such as welcome packs, extra beds, airport pick-ups (helpful), flowers, wine and more. You can also use add ons to allow guest to secure free services. You can set up as many categories and extras as you wish, giving each one an image, value and description. Go further and determine whether they are available on arrival, or departure, collect request comments and even allow the guest to choose the exact day they want the extra delivered to their room.