22 Awsome Vacation Rental Management Tools

Vacation rental management can be challenging! Help with communications, automation of tasks, payments and managing staff and maintenance can really make a huge difference. Daily tasks such as greeting guests, sorting the cleaning schedule, ensuring the the property is secure after check-outs and checking for damages - all take a lot of time. All in all, vacation rental owners just want to be sure everything is running smoothly. We get it!

This is why we have come up with a list of 22 best vacation rental management tools to help you manage and automate in areas of guest experience, pricing, CRM and more!



1. Wishbox

Wishbox is the number one Guest Experience Platform, in order to help save while your revenue and guest experience takes leads itself. Wishbox integrates with systems you already work with, providing useful solutions throughout guest journeys. A personalized guest experience platform that helps property managers to increase sales and overall improve guest engagement in a unique way. Wishbox is highly customizable to suit your needs. The features they offer on their powerful guest experience platform are:

  • Online check-in: you can expect to get all information you need ahead of time
  • Smart Upsells: be able to confidently sell early check-ins, late check-out, cleaning, parking, welcome packages
  • Guest-app and Guidebook: get your own branded and personalised guest app customized only for you!
  • Document scan: collect scanned passports, ID’s, documents and guest e-signatures automatically for you
  • Scheduled messages: sent outsmart and personal auto messages in real-time to your guests (and personalised SMS messages)
  • Auto-translations: be able to communicate with guest in their own language, as emails and guidebook are available in over 14 languages

Wishbox would be a valuable tool to your vacation rental software, as they are easily connected with all leading PMS’s and systems, including elina PMS.

2. YourWelcome

YourWelcome is all about helping serviced apartments, vacation rentals, and other accommodation providers more revenue, through their leading guest management platform. They offer three products; Tablets, Advance Check-in, and Dashboard.

The In-Property Tablets help you earn more from each booking by streamlining your guest communication, whilst transacting directly with guests during their stay. You will be able to offer and sell add-ons and services, and increase revenue from guests accessing on-demand partner network. The Tablet is custom built 8 inch model, featuring YourWelcome’s software, USB-C port and robust gorilla glass to protect against accidental damages. Be able to give your guests a warm welcome, with personalised messages with one-touch check-in process to make everything seamless and quick. Streamline operations with video guides for guests. A 10-second video on how to operate TVs, appliances, hot tubs will eliminate the phone calls and emails. A new revenue stream to transact directly with guests during their stay through the tablet. Set up serviced you want to sell, where the services are easily assessable to guests to purchases. Place your brand in front of your guests – tablet can come in custom colour schemes and logo placement. Guests will be able to access local area information and housekeeping checklist to manage cleaners directly via the tablet.

The Advance Check-In system is catered for vacation rentals. This advanced system enables you to collect and verify important information, take advance payments from your guests and upsell services to them before they arrive. Pre-arrival services allows to offer and take payments in advance e.g. early check-ins, welcome packs or equipment hire. YourWelcome Advance identifies guest details, enabling you to send keep up to date with guest data. For pre-arrivals, use automated system for allowing your guests to access your property once the guest has verified and checked-in. 

The Guest Management Dashboard is able to manage your house remotely via the YourWelcome dashboard. You can expect your manual is up to date and is in control of all aspects of property information and guest communication from one portal. A simple interface to upload all property addresses and information. Connect your PMS with the bookings calendar, importing bookings and guest information from your preferred OTAs is easily done.

YourWelcome would be a valuable asset for your accommodation provider, and can easily integrate with PMS, including elina PMS.

3. DigiCheck

Digicheckin is an innovative tablet/web-based visitor management software and check-in platform, which essentially does everything a front-desk or reception area would do for guests. Digicheckin purpose is to enhance the security of your business infrastructure and improve your guest’s experiences, as well as for your staff. Be able to transform your reception or front desk, with a fully digitized system in place, DigiCheck.in is the innovative way for check-ins with capturing image processes, government ID proof, sending instant visitor notifications, printing custom badgers and collecting signatures – all done from a few taps on the screen. DigiCheck-in was built to ensure security measures for guests and employees are done easy through on system, as well as protecting your property from any future incidents. The system makes sure the authorization of guests have access to your facility and just making the process as easy and secure as possible for everyone. The key features of DigiCheck-in are the self-service kiosk, which is a tablet that can be placed in the reception area or in the security gate, enabling guest to register themselves. Be able to capture pictures of your visitors, ideal for security checks. Print badges instantly for visitors via your Kiosk tablet, the web or even from the DigiCheck-in mobile app. A QR code for check-in included in the DigiCheck-in app, a useful feature for frequent visitors which eliminates the repetitiveness of the visitor’s registration information. Have access to host notifications, receive via email SMS or to the app when visitors arrive. Verify yourself, with OTP based mobile number verification, ensuring that mobile numbers being captured are authentic.



4. PriceLabs

PriceLabs is a Revenue Management for Vacation Rentals. Automation rules and customization options let you manage pricing effectively, along with in control of restrictions for stays to increase revenue and be less time-consuming. Be able to import listings to dashboard, review and customize price recommendations, setup dynamic min-night settings, sync prices to AirBnB and PMSs daily, one month free trial with no payment information needed, and straight forward billing without commission.

5. Wheelhouse

The smartest way to price your short-term rentals, one of the best vacation rental management tools. Be able to earn 10-40% revenue more with data-driven pricing software built for all vacation rental hosts, owners, and property managers. Dynamic pricing with demand driven prices every night available, power insights where you will be always be informed with billions of data points, personalized strategy to run your business exactly as you want, and all-in-one save time having all your listings together.

6. Vacasa

Vacasa is the platform where possibilities are unlocked are experiences are simplified for renting out a vacation home. Homeowners trust Vacasa with their proven ability to deliver comprehensive home care and unbeatable revenue. Guests have booked Vacasa homes with pure confidence, as well as relying on their 3D tours honest listings to help find exactly what they are looking for in an ideal vacation home for themselves. Vacasa provides all-around-clock care with their local management and central support teams, where guests can rely on professional service, cleanliness, and comfort. Vacasa has AI-driven tools to make it possible to deliver a consistent experience in unique vacation homes around the world, from pricing homes to scheduling post-stay cleans. Vacasa provides strong central support staff and 24/7 customer service.         

7. Rategenie

Rategenie is the flexible Dynamic Pricing for your short-term rentals. Automatically update your rates daily with the perfect price across multiple channels. Rategenie’s data driven algorithms with help you maximise profits. It is easy to manage rates for your entire inventory across all channels. Have real-time insights to power your business, as Rategenie provides the data and insights you need to maximise profits. Simple calendar use and charts make it easier to understand the data. Sync prices to AirBnB and channels automatically, where you can update connected channels at least once per day with your perfect price. Take guesswork out of managing your rates, a visual dashboard and rich market data available to have information you require to make important decisions.

8. Beyond Pricing

Automatic pricing for property managers and vacation rental owners. Beyond Pricing helps increase the level of revenue by 40% with data driven pricing. This is by an automated dynamic pricing solution that is used to be utilized in real-time market data to ensure prices by Beyond Pricing recommendations maximise revenue and occupancy for hosts. The main features about Beyond Pricing are that you are able to confidently price perfectly in 60 seconds with Booking.com, Airbnb, and HomeAway. You can easily connect your account, review pricing recommendations, turn on automatic pricing and that is all to it. You can also connect your PMS to join many 1000s of property managers utilizing Beyond Pricing. With Beyond Pricing, you are able to automate pricing and stay in control. Your listing will be updated daily based on changes in supply and demand in the market, day of the week, seasonality and local events. Beyond Pricing bring the same level of sophistication in pricing to be utilized by large hotels and airlines in the world to individual Airbnb and vacation rental hosts.



9. Xero

With Xero, the account software be able to get a real-time view of your cash flow. You are able to log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone an instantly view up-to-date financials. Be able to run your business on the go where you can use the Xero app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims from anywhere. Xero allows you to get paid faster with online invoicing where you are able to send online invoices to your customers. Xero also imports and categorises latest bank transactions. Xero is the accounting software which consists all the time-saving tools to grow your business, as the software is secure and reliable along with their experts to help with support 24/7. The main features of Xero are fast bank reconciliation, where your latest banking, credit card and PayPal transactions are imported and categorised. Inventory items speed up invoicing while tracking sales and purchases, effective payroll process, go mobile Xero mobile app, easy invoicing, manage cashflow in scheduled manner, connect to 800+ third-party apps, create purchase orders, and easily claim expenses.

10. Quickbooks

Quickbooks is known to be the world’s #1 online accounting software, helping improve the speed of processes and cash flow. QuickBooks lets you know the minute your invoice is viewed and paid. You are able to manage and take full control over your cashflow, making it more visual as to where your money is all going, all from one place. Sending invoices has also made easy with Quickbooks, where you can see in minutes and get paid faster. Be able to track your invoices on the go. Quickbooks also automatically categorises income and expenses. The calculation of VAT is made easy, simple as ABC, where it tracks VAT automatically. All in all, you will be set up in matter of few minutes, with free 24/7 support and to be able to migrate data easily.


 Housekeeping & Maintenance 

11. RoomChecking

RoomChecking is the solution for making hospitality staff into an effective working team, delivering positive energy and results. Their system keeps everyone together, turning disorganization and miscommunications into simple, timely and efficient system. An easy system for housekeeping, maintenance, front office and everyone else. The system is perfectly designed for user-experience, which anyone can use. Workflows, daily operations, cross-department communications and PMS communications are built in the system for easy use.

Connect directly to your PMS System, as our 2-way integration communicates guest reservations, room statues, housekeeping statuses, and more. RoomChecking currently connect with over 75 different integrations, including elina PMS.

12. Turnover BnB

The Essential Tools For Hosts so that you will never miss a cleaning again. Turnover BnB platform automates cleaning schedules with a simple interface to use. Host will be able to manage cleaners or find local cleaners who already exists in the TurnoverBnB network. Be able to find trusted cleaners locally. The platform helps property management for vacation rental owners and service providers to eradicate the need for costly traditional property management company. The platform is designed to bring vacation rental owners and service providers to come together under one platform with all the necessary tools they need for a smooth process between guests checking in and out. The Platform comes with features of automated booking calendar, central communication where you would not need to send out text messages and missing out phone calls, a marketplace for local cleaners, and automatic payments to pay cleaners as soon as they complete the job, along with keeping track record of all past completed jobs and payments.


Breezeway is a Property Operations and Messaging Platform. With their efforts into coordinating property care, they ensure that everything is done correctly. With an intelligent task automation and scheduling coordination they offer on the table for vacation rentals, Breezeway combines rules based on intelligence with data on staff availability, location, and historical task times.

They have customizable checklists, task monitoring dashboards, and user-friendly mobile apps to get your staff equipped with the tools they need to perform high quality work.

Breezeway’s maintenance and owner reporting programs help managers to build trust with their customers, in order to have the goal to increase owner retention and boost referral business.

SMS messaging for guest communication and service optimization tools is offered by Breezeway, with a messaging hub in place to help deliver amazing vacation rental experience for your guests.

Breezeway have over 16 PMS integrations, which automatically sync your property details and reservation data. This makes it easy for you to coordinate cleaning, inspections and maintenance.


Pay per stay insurance 

14. Travel Guard

Travel Guard provides travel insurance for vacation rentals. Provide 24 hour Concierge Assistance, were they make sure customers receive superior level of travel insurance coverage and more. They also provide satisfaction guarantee, as they are committed to providing products and services that will exceed expectations. Receive online quotes and coverage with their online product comparison tool.

15. Guard Hog

Guard Hog is something quite different. It is an insurance company for AirBnB, Homeaway, Booking.com and all super short lets. Guard Hog lets you pay-per-stay insurances for hosts, guests and platforms. They are home-sharing experts, so they realise the problems in this specific area and have developed the right products to solve them.  Guard Hog have built bespoke technology which allows connections to be made to your listings on AirBnB, Homeaway, Booking.com, and more, to Guard Hog. This essentially saves you time, hassle, money, as will only be paying for cover when you have guests staying in your properties. Guard Hog have three types of cover; Host Cover, Home Cover, Deposit Cover, and Guest Cover.

You can also download their app, where you can pin them to your home screen for a quick, easy and better app user-experience. Onboarding is made easy, adding covers are straight-forward, going on Autohog is accessible along with getting access to policy reports and downloading tax statements.

16. Safely 

Safely provides vacation rental guest verification and insurance. Safely gives homeowners a chance to ‘relax’ when they are stating their home, by providing comprehensive coverage if something goes wrong. Safely helps encourages to make security simple for homeowners. Safely helps you avoid renting to the worst guests, which is carried out by verifying every guest against their Vacation Record, a worldwide database of rental guest history collected from over one million vacation rights and designed to capture things like house rule violations, disputed payments and property damages. Safely comb through over 200 global fraud and crime databases to check: identify fraud, money launderers, Interpol wanted persons, sex offenders, felony records and suspicious IP addresses.

Your reservations are automatically insured – once your reservations are connected to your Safely account, you are covered up to $1 million in damage and liability protection, plus up to $10,000 of insurance on home and guests belongings. Claims are processed quick, where you can easily track its process in your account. You can expect claims to be paid within 14 days directly into your bank account.

Ultimately Safety helps you eliminate bad guests, avoid the hassle of damage deposits, not to pitch or pay a thing, convert more homeowners, get the best possible coverage, earn extra revenue, integrate with your existing system, process claims fast, and user-friendly dashboard with reporting.



17. igloohome

igloohome is the access to the future with their smart locks and lockboxes. They provide smart home products that do more than an average key lock. igloohome gives people peace of mind with their no keys, no hassle, no fuss products. This is so you are able to focus on your daily activities while their smart locks does all the security ‘bits and bobs’ for you! It is simply offering you to enjoy the convenience of smart security. They also have their very own igloohome mobile app, so there is no need for your guests to download and register for the app to receive PIN codes to access their smart locks or lockboxes. igloohome sends access door codes via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook messenger and more. Another cool feature is that Igloohome smart locks and lockboxes do not require internet connection to work. WiFi hacking should not be a concern thanks to their AlgoPIN™ technology. Their devices work offline and is great for security and reliability.

18. GoKeyless

America’s Keyless Lock Experts – GoKeyless entry for rental and vacation rental lock systems. GoKeyless entry saves you time and money, and provides guests an amenity that will make them want to become returning customers. GoKeyless rental door locks including their Schelage Keypads, wireless controlled Schlage Connect locks with Vera, Kwikset SmartCode with Home Connect Wireless Deadbolt system,and Oracode

660K and 440k locks, gives your management company the ability to simply email or phone your guests a code for entry into your rentals. You are able to change the code once the guests depart, or have the code automatically expire at departure.

19. Your Porter App

A single platform with all the tools you will need to run your vacation rentals and accommodation provides. With automated messages, schedule and automate platform messages for a number of channels, whilst answering initial inquiries and review each guest individually. Be able to sync availability rates between channel managers in real time, import from the calendar from other various channels. Expect to have a website builder make your life easy, by creating your website and gain reservations without channel commission. Mobile and Web apps allows you to manage everything from your iOS or android smartphone. How YourPorter works is the with a one-click setup, where you can import your life-time data from AirBnB, and expect your dashboard to be ready in less than 2 minutes. Secondly, get calendar updates for important notifications and reminders in one clear timeline. You can also send text messages to co-workers to be on top of things and plan their daily schedules.

20. KeyNest

The simple and secure way to exchange your keys the clever and secure way, for AirBnB hosts, estate agents and property managers. Ultimately, KeyNest is the solution to help you with your key storage and management needs. What makes KeyNest one of the best vacation rental tools in the industry, is because there is no need to wait around for guests or staff or even hiding the keys under the doormat, KeyNest provides the easiest and most secure way to exchange your property keys. You can book online, drop the keys off at the nearest location and your guests or staff can pick them up at their timing, at their convenience. The ‘key’ features of KeyNest are them providing the convenient solution to get keys to your guests when they arrive late, providing peace of  mind with secure key storage, trained staff and single-use of codes, providing updates wherever and whenever – with online status tracking, providing satisfaction to guests meaning they are happy, providing accessibility of local stores with a network of 1800 stores in over 100 European cities for keys to be collected from, and lastly a 24/7 support team based in the UK over 1000 KeyNest stores open.


Marketing DATA

21. Guest Experience Platform - RueBaRue

The Guest Experience Platform by RueBaRue is the new standard for guest experience for vacation rental managers and owners. The RueBaRue Guest Communication Platform delivers the tools to simplify operations and drive more revenue. This platform helps vacation rental companies and rental owners use smart messaging to communicate with guests, schedule texts and email automatically, and response to quicks quickly with questions they may have using the Team SMS Inbox. The Guest Communication Platform offers several features, one being the message scheduler. This automatically sends digital guest books, area guides, guest satisfaction surveys, social media campaigns and more via SMS or email. Another feature is the Property Guide, which provides essential information about what your guests require about their rental homes e.g. arrival times, door codes, WiFi password, and general house maintenance rules. Other features are smart messaging with their Team SMS Inbox, which answers questions from guests before, during or after their stay via text messaging. They also provide Destination Guide, which gives your guests everything they need to know about activities in the area, restaurants, events and essential area information. Have Five-Star Reviews available, where you can address the problems guests had with their stay before their reviews post. Alert notifications send out automatic messages by email or text informing guests about area disruptions such as fires, road closures etc. Surveys can be built to find out what your guests think of your business before, during and after their stay. Overall The Guest Communication Platform by RueBaRue helps saves time and cut costs, answer guest questions instantly, keep your guests informed in real-time, upsell and boost your bottom line, being paperless, and outpace the competition.

22. AirDNA

AirDNA is a platform for vacation rental data, for purposes view insights and analyze data. Their product, MarketMinder, helps analyze easier and faster, invest wider, list smarter and succeed faster. You will be able to gain valuable insights into the performance over 10 million vacation rentals across 80,000 cities worldwide.  The purpose of this platform is so you are able to study and identify critical trends in your market over the past three years to gain an understanding of how the short-term renal industry is evolving. With the Short-Term Rental Research, you are able to gain valuable competitive insights on AirBnB AND Vrbo rental properties. The interactive maps makes it easier to explore the performance of specific areas or neighbourhoods and individual vacation rental properties. You are able to investigate over 25 key performance metrics such as: Avg. Daily Rate, Occupany, RevPAR, Active Listing, Booking Lead Times, Rental Revenue and more.


Are you currently using any of the tools or apps listed above as a vacation rental owner? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts, experience if you are currently using any, and other recommendations.

As well as we bring forward this useful list of tools, if you are looking for vacation rental software check out elina PMS.