29 Hotel Digital Marketing Ideas

Hotel digital marketing ideas

Here are 29 of our favorite hotel digital marketing ideas! Scan the list and see if any give you some inspiration. Your new favorite idea, might be at the start, end of sandwiched in the middle.

Plus want to add one, then let us know! We’ll add your name, thanking you and keep this list updated!

1. What, when, where, who and wifi!

Make sure wifi is clearly promoted. Go further by sharing your download and upload speeds.

2. Market loyalty

Offer a loyalty scheme, however simple, such as book again directly, or refer a friend and save 10% and make sure you market it consistently. It takes time for these offers or loyalty promotions to take hold. Be patient and over time you’ll see returns.

3. Tell people where the best price is

If it’s on your website, or on the phone – make that clear. Saying the best price is right here, or the best price is through this promo code and that no-where else is better value is powerful.

4. Embrace Facebook and Google reviews

Yes people will leave reviews in different places. People listen to Google and Facebook. Make sure you collect positive reviews in these places. This one has an essential place in our hotel digtital marketing ideas.

5. Check your websites SEO

Use a checking tool to review how your website scores in SEO for organic listing. Learn from the feedback, making technical changes and content changes where required. Remember in 2018 Google made more significant changes to how it decides on your rank and relevance.

6. Make your website secure

Https:// means Chrome and Firefox browsers will tell the website visitor it is safe to use

7. Increase marketing spend in peak season booking windows

As you approach high volume booking windows, dial up your spend on direct marketing, to capture a higher share of bookings that would have booked via an agent or OTA you work with.

8. Market specifics on your location

Tell them about the amazing hand pressed coffee in the shop below, or the local market stalls that do the best fresh oranges. Go beyond facts to show what you love about your location.

9. Use guest reviews guests identify with to create trust

Show off guest reviews that are relevant to people that might stay. If you get lots of couples, make sure you have reviews from couples talking about their perfect break away!

10. Check your websites speed on mobile and desktop

Use Google speed test to find out which pages of your website are fast and slow on mobile and how they can be improved

11. Make it easy for guests to find useful resources on your websites

...such as PDFs of tourist maps, guides, train and bus timetables, or links

12. Bid on your brand name

If you only bid on one PPC term, make it your brand name, to increase the chance of your getting people searching for you directly to your website. It’s cheaper as well that other paid search

13. Create a Google Business Listing

Make sure you own your listing, check if the reviews are positive, whether opening times, location and images really show the best side of your hotel

14. Make it easy to get rid of that annoying cookie message on your website!

Give it a cross in the corner, or big buttons to accept or deny. Don’t let it be a barrier to people checking your website out properly

15. Get your cleaners involved in social media!

Why not get your cleaners to take a picture of the sunset every day as they do the rounds (we’re picturing beach resort here) and send it to be shared on social.

Halfway through our hotel digital marketing ideas list!

16. The power of the deal

Make the most compelling deal a direct one. What can you include or give to the booker, to make them have to book direct. It’s not all about price. If booking direct means I get the best rooms, corner or higher floor, or no deposit charged, I’ll book direct

17. De-commoditize your rooms

Get the story in there somewhere. These rooms are a king sized bed with quality cotton, large flatscreen TV, Wifi, ensuite bathroom with shower – sound familiar? How about Flatscreen TVs with wifi upload so fast you can watch your favorite Netflix show, ensuite bathroom with rain shower and relaxing lighting. Communicate the experience, not just the facility

18. Have a consistent and meaningful message and purpose

All the best companies have one memorable message. If you want to market directly, you need to choose something which represents what you stand for and offer. Budget hotel in Hammersmith, London, could be ‘A savvy stay for budget conscious travelers to London’. Here you are affirming that you offer a smart place to stay for people who care about budget, whilst visiting London

19. Room with a view

So often we see in the room and not outside. Find a way to show your property and rooms in the context of their environment

20. Give your staff a voice

Your team will know some of the best tips. Help them share their tips on your website, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This will reassure guests they are staying with people who know the area

21. Use data to win the guests interest

Do you know your average check-in time? Can you share what percentage of guests get a free upgrade? There will always be happy and unhappy guests, so rather than overthinking things, be transparent. Sharing data on metrics guests care about generates interest, and interest leads to revenue

22. Use messaging

Guests want to message now, perhaps more than they want to chat. Integrate messaging apps and get guests into a thread where they are communicating directly with you, rather than through agencies. Respect the agency, but the guest is staying with you, not with the agency.

23. Review your touch points

How many touch points do you have with guests? They include: research, when they book, pre-arrival contact, day of arrival, during stay, when they depart, asking for a review. Each one is an opportunity to impress, help them, be memorable, upsell and encourage social media sharing. Look into each one and see where you can help the guest and whether brand messages are consistent

24. Check the OTAs listing

 Look at what items or features Booking.com and Expedia highlight on your hotel when marketing it. You can be confident whatever is highlight is popular, so remember to make sure these features or info stands out on your own website

25. Link up with local hotels

Add reciprocal link shares with other local hotels websites. It will help all of your page ranks equally, giving you a better chance of all appearing above other links

26. Ask local businesses or attractions to link to your website

Offer a return link. This all helps Google know you are relevant for the area and improves your search listing and traffic

27. Run surveys on social media

Ask guests what their favorite thing about the local area is, or whether they preferred sun loungers by the pool or on the beach. Asking questions with limited answers on fun or interesting topics increases engagement and you’ll learn about your guests as well

28. Will prices go up?

If they will, share that. Say your prices only increase. Communicate that the best price to book is now. Not in the future!

29. Get well versed in sales psychology

Read our guide on how to apply sales psychology in reservations. It’ll help you close more reservations!