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AirBNB login tips to get more bookings

3 minute read. Last updated November 2020.

Author, Duncan Chappell, Commercial Director, elina PMS.

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9 tips to get more reservations


If you are heading to AirBnB login then you are about to check to reservations, communicate with a guest or make a change to a listing to try and get more bookings or enquiries.

AirBnB has their own general guide to help giving information on how to make your listing more competitive. It’s generic, so here we have gone into more detail.


1) Get your images right


Get the right pictures and provide high res images between 2MB and 3MB in size. We’ve provided a handy guide for selling your serviced apartments with photography but it could really. We think this is the best investment you will make and we are a software company!


Make sure you get 3-4 images minimum of each rooms in each apartment or home and 20+ overview per listing. This means the kitchen, the bathroom, the living area, the entrance. Each one should show the features, be well lit and be taken when the place is immaculate. It sounds obvious and just doing this will lead to more bookings.


2) Communicate value


Focus on the detail. Tick as many amenity boxes that apply as possible. Is there a feature that AirBnB has made an effort to allow to label or talk about - is it worth getting if you can? Personalize the listing as much as you can. Guests are looking for something interesting. Does each point add value and make people wat to book?


3) Be an instant book host


Property managers and hosts prefer enquiries, but guests prefer instant book. They don’t want to wait. AirBnB offers a low commission and you can set out rules that you want. If you are using a good property management software then you can manage instant book by keeping real time inventory. This means guests can book when they feel inspired and you don’t have time to lose the booking. became the biggest online travel agent in the world through finding the demand, being instantly bookable, having lots of languages and focusing on content. Get ahead and become instant book.


4) Have a clear and fair booking policy


The terms of the reservation are important for guests. Being open and clear about this really helps. Take time to benchmark what others are doing around their booking and cancellation policy. We’ve written about how sharing cancellation charges can actually increase conversion.

5) Reduce response time on enquiries


If you are working on an enquiry basis, the response time to peoples questions matters. If you contact someone within 5 minutes of their enquiry rather than 30 minutes you have a 21 times better chance of getting the booking. So the faster you contact back, when they are researching and their interest is peaked the better. You can manage your notification settings and read about your options here from AirBnB.


6) Have you own website for credibility


When you liaise with guests just having a website gives you some credibility. As AirBnB still provides guests email addresses, although this may change when GDPR comes in. Set up a website to show you mean business and why not also accept bookings on it directly.


7) Let technology help


Use a channel manager to update rates on AirBnB and other websites like simultaneously. If you are using instant book then you can also bring reservations back into your property management system, saving time. Moving to let technology help reduce operational time frees up more time to market to guests faster and better and focus on hosting brilliantly to get even better reviews.


8) Use data to learn


Services such as AirDNA provide a good overview on what is happening in your area with prices, demand and supply. Knowing this information gives a context which allows for better decision making. If the area has lots of supply, then you might consider changing stock, or be persuaded to be more price or policy competitive, such as instant book. Likewise, if an area is in demand, this flips around and policies and prices work in your favour.


Rentals United have a tool you can use to see how to improve your listing on AirBnB.


9) Check out what the community is saying


The community has loads of ideas. Helpful posts such as this one on 25 tips to get booked are out there! Tips like ‘don’t cancel a confirmed reservation’ as it hurts your listing, or be active in the community which has a positive impact on how the algorithm from AirBnB rates you. Worth a read for overall ideas.


Elina PMS provides property management software and digital marketing services for growing serviced apartments and vacation rentals providers. There are lots of ways to get reservations including AirBnB, so if you are about the login to AirBnB which is a brilliant source of bookings and are looking to grow have a read of this blog post on where serviced apartments are getting bookings from.