PMS booking engine

Explore how our PMS booking engine can be shaped better for your accommodation to increase direct bookings. We have a version designed for single multi-location with multi-rate options for the guest for hotels and serviced apartments - 'think'. We also have a version built for vacation rentals, holiday rentals, villas, chalets and lodges - 'think AirBnB'. Each one is powered from elina PMS and connects to Google Analytics enhanced eCommece for brilliant insights and tracking.

More direct bookings and guest engagement

Guest, company & owner login

The elina PMS booking engine comes with a login area for guests, companies and owners. Allow guests to login via your website or booking engine and make a booking faster. They can check and edit their reservations, profile and more. Print invoices, check notes, messages, give arrivals times and more.

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your data powers conversion

This powerful PMS booking engine, which seamlessly integrates into your website, uses the data from the property management system. The PMS software has all your data, from all your reservations and channels. This can be used to give relevant information to encourage website users to book directly!

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Mobile friendly & secure

All accommodation specific PMS booking engine versions are designed and tested on latest operating systems or browsers.

Elina PMS is PCI compliant, the booking engine is secure in the browser and it integrates payment gateways seamlessly.

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Data driven & mobile friendly

This booking engine works for single, or multi location. It is brilliant for hotels & serviced apartments. If you want to show multiple rate choices per room type or serviced apartment, choose this one. This is the '' experience.

Powerful PMS booking engine

What's more - inform booker's when you are getting busy, where your last booking was from and how many reservations have been booked in the last 24 hours.

Offer different rates or promotions, give a clear breakdown on the amount per night and let them know which cards are accepted. Take payment within the booking engine for a better experience!

version designed for vacation rentals

For chalets, cottages, bungalows, lodges, villas and other types of vacation rental accommodation that typically offer choice of rentals with one rate, shown, even if that rates has discounts or rules applied to it. This is the 'AirBnB' experience.

Make a seamless experience for website users, when searching and booking. Capture enquiries and reservations quickly.

Give exact pricing for the stay and key info at search results level. Users can search by map location, listings and use filters and availability calendars.