more than a hotel booking engine - is more than a hotel booking engine. We care about direct bookings. Check out elina website booking engine options for hotels, serviced apartments and vacation rentals.

bespoke booking engine


For: all accommodation operators


  • Social proof messaging
  • Urgency messaging
  • Remembers return guests
  • Multiple rates or promotions
  • Was / now pricing
  • Packages
  • Map location
  • Availability calendars
  • Book multiple accommodations

Smart.BE is controlled from a panel within elina. You can edit the fonts, colours, text, messaging and add languages. It comes set up in a default mode and our team will match your brand logo, colours and an exact or close font for you. This is a basket based booking engine, so bookers can add or remove rooms, or apartments as well as going back or forwards when booking.


For: vacation rentals, cottages, lodges, chalets, apartments

Style: AirBnB (try it here)

  • Tiles
  • Filters
  • Map search
  • Availability calendars
  • Remembers return guests
  • Capture enquiries with detailed info

The Air.BE website booking engine is built using APIs, so the search results show live pricing, availability and property details within your website. This maximizes the value Google finds in your website for search, by including the booking engine in your website, rather than being separate.

Property tiles can be combined with techniques like lazy loading, to increase first impression speed for Google.

For: boutique hotels, guest houses, B&Bs who offer more

Style: Independent and cool

  • Resdiary integration
  • Large room images
  • Multiple rates or promotions
  • Was / now pricing
  • Packages
  • Remembers return guests
  • Book multiple rooms

The Boutique.BE uses as ecommerce basket approach, showing clearly to the booker what they have selected. You can choose to charge or not charge the guest during the process once completing. You can add languages and manage the content. The larger images really help to show off your rooms. A seemless hotel booking engine for your website.

Make your website your best sales Channel

 Standard features

  • Fast
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Secure https://
  • Booking confirmation
  • Control content, rates and availability
  • Search availability / dates widget for your website
  • Promo codes and corporate codes
  • Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari ready

 Advanced features

  • Customisable
  • Match your branding
  • Multi language
  • Multi currency
  • Google analytics sync
  • Custom URL to match your websites
  • Deep link into website URLs in the booking engine
  • Settings to togge on / off birthdate, additional guest names and more

PCI Compliant

secure payments

upsell extras

Google Analytics sync

We link your UA code and enabled enhanced ecommerce so you can benefits from end to end tracking on revenue and reservations allowing you to manage ROI on marketing campaigns via your hotel booking engine.

Check out your website booking engine visitors and direct booking performance by logging into to Google Analytics on your desktop, or from the GA app on your mobile.

account login

Let guests, companies and rental owners login to their account to interact and self-service.

Guest login

  • View and edit profile
  • Manage bookings
  • View balance
  • Make payments
  • Check communications

company or agent login

  • View balance
  • Manage bookings
  • Deal with requests
  • Check communications
  • Make payments

rental owner login

  • Vew & download reports
  • View property details
  • View bookings
  • Manage availability
  • Book own rental