Online check-in - wow guests from the moment they book

Make the smarter choice, choose Online Check-in, part of the the Guest Journey, a web app that can be used by any guest with a mobile, tablet, laptop with internet and a broswer.

introducing online check-in

mobile check-in for All guests

your brand experience

Get admin done before arrival

Collect documents

E-signature for T&C

Guest verification picture

Personalise the guests stay

Magic links make access easy

Collect payment from guests

message & chat with guests

Share arrival information

In Online Check-in guests have an easy verified process using their reservations ID and email. Guests just click on the link to start check-in, meaning as long as they have a mobile and email, they should find this easy.

About Online check-in

  • Guests confirm or edit their details and required information for their stay
  • You can collect unique information on admin, such as a car reg or flight number, or personalisation their stay, for example diet preferences, room temperature, types of pillow... however you want to shape their stay experience
  • You can request an e-signature, against your terms and conditions
  • You can request an upload of an ID documentation, which is saved into elina
  • You can request and collect a picture of the lead guests face via their mobile using camera tech or from their library, which can be used to verify the person booking is who they say they are, reducing charge backs and increasing security and safety for other guests