Pay Now - Collect payments easily

Use Pay Now to collect payments remotely

The Pay Now tool enables you to send payment links to guests, or company travel managers, to make payment for reservations or custom charged amounts. This tracks back into elina and updates the guests or companies charge statement, as well as there reservation statement, if part of a reservation.

It has beautiful and simple design, is easy to use on mobile and is fully secure. As Pay Now is part of elina guest experience tools, it is always using your brand, logo, colours and fonts, and works off your URL, if you have set that up with elina using SSL certificates and custom website domains.

Pay Now uses the elina integration to your payment provider, for example Stripe, Barclaycard or Opayu, to facilitate the payment. elina is providing helpful user tools, to enable you to collect money fast directly from elina. You can see the full list of integrated payment gateways on our integrations page.