PMS Channel Manager - Smarter Distribution

Over 150 sales channels with precision.

Use advanced price and inventory controls for OTAs. Distribute on big the channels reliably –, AirBnB, Expedia, Homeaway and Agoda. 

Choose an integrated PMS channel manager which enables top class distribution from elina. This means you get more channels being added and lots of improvements. We focus on making sure we maintain and improve the harmony in how this works.

the big channels

Be integrated with the major online travel agents (OTAs) for the best distribution including:

  2. AirBnB
  3. HomeAway 
  4. Expedia
  5. Agoda
  6. HRS
  7. Ctrip
  8. Silverdoor
  9. Tripadvisor
  10. Mr and Mrs Smith

PMS Channel Manager. Essential functionality

  • Pooled inventory means you can maximise the selling of your rooms
  • Super-fast updates means you can expect reservations fast into elina and rates and inventory
  • 2-way XML connection available for rates, availability, restrictions and reservations.
  • Fully PCI compliant and certified.

PMS Channel Manager. Advanced functionality

  • Continuous (also known as consecutive) availability. Auto update max length of stay to market exact inventory to remove split bookings (setting on / off).
  • Control price mark-up by adjusting prices for the end OTA channels
  • Manage your availability per channel, using witholding ruls and rolling booking windows.