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elina PMS software is the core of your reservations, invoicing and operations. Choose an elina booking engine to power your direct bookings. elina allows you to use the guest and company login to improve guest experience. Give your owners a login to review their room or rentals reservations, account balance and performance. Connect to over 100+ channels including, AirBnB and Expedia. What's more: add an Umbraco powered website, choose a payment gateway to automate payments, use a revenue management system to automate rates, add housekeeping and maintenance apps, or verified guest check in. Build your growth platform starting today.

An all-in-1 cloud property management system

Data centric with modern design. All key PMSĀ  functions including: reservations calendar, rates & promotions, housekeeping, communication, notes, invoicing, accounts, extras, guest profiles, staff profiles, owner management, reports & more.

Direct bookings. Get better at direct marketing

A platform built for direct bookings. elina is more than just a booking engine. Choose an easypro website, choose the perfect booking engine, connect up analytics and track direct marketing spend with Google. Get better at direct marketing with elina.

Guest experience. Let technology help

Give guests a wow experience from the moment they book, reduce admin and personalise commnication and their stay preferences. Get to know your guests before the arrive and make returning guests feel special when they return.

elina modular features
elina modular features

View all elina modular software features: the Smarter PMS, Channel Manager, Be.Direct, Online Check-In, EasyPro Websites and Explore Heldesk.