Robert Foehles

Customer Integrations & Technical Projects Manager

Tell us a bit about your career and your journey to elina:

I am coming from the hotel side of the industry having worked in hotels and some other hospitality businesses for over 17 years mainly in management positions within rooms division and revenue management. The last company I worked for in hospitality was Brera Serviced Apartments which, back then, just became an elinaPMS customer back then. I helped with the implementation of elina and also was a user for nearly 2 years before I swapped sides of the table and joined Vestibule Marketing Ltd. and elinaPMS back in September 2018.

What do you like most about working for elina?

I really like the passion the whole team brings into the company and what we are getting done with that passion. I also like the freedom to take on responsibility and discover new roles and skills. It is great to be able to be part of shaping your role in the company so you can use your passion and what you love doing to help customers. 


Tell us a bit about your life outside of work...

We have 5 kids now, so I am kind of a family guy. Most of my time outside work is doing family stuff like playing with the kids, going to the forests or spending time together doing fun stuff. I also love travelling and meeting new people and seeing new places. 

Have you any funny career incidents that you can't get out of your head?

After 15+ years in various hotels and positions, there are a lot of situations I love to remember. Most of them are related to different people, some celebrities and others, so I can't really go into that much detail, I'm afraid. But one thing I can share is that there were several occasions where meeting more or less famous people in private situations created amazing conversations and unforgettable memories. Some of those were actually also quite funny. 


What is your mantra to success?

Play 2 Win and there is always a solution for any problem if you just dig deep enough. Also always believe in yourself and you can achieve all you want.