An update on Covid-19 from our Managing Director

A message from Christopher Lovold, our Managing Director, on Covid-19.

At this extremely challenging time in hospitality our thoughts and our efforts are for our staff, our customers and our partners - their families and close friends.

Our team

For our elina team, it is business as usual, just remotely. Our UK team already worked remotely and flexibly. We all have a shared social responsibility due to Covid-19 and so we have closed our office in Putney Bridge during the curfew period.

Our whole team is operating, meaning we continue to provide phone and email support and to run a full product development and maintenance team. We are putting out exciting and helpful updates, which will no doubt be appreciated once our customers see an uplift in reservations once we all get through this downturn.

Our customers

For our customers, we know you are managing staff and liaising with property owners, or landlords, whilst making difficult decisions. We want to let you know your guest, property and reservations data is safe and secure and that we’re here to listen if you need to talk to us. Have a look at or get in touch with us to learn more about the automation in elina and how to operate with less manual processes.

Our partners

For our partners, we have been chatting about ways to help each other through, discussing initiatives. We have seen a couple get off the ground already. Tough times can spur creativity and we are seeing that happening.

Our Managing Director & Founder, Christopher Lovold

Our Managing Director & Founder, Christopher Lovold