Hotel marketing resources

tools and downloads that we know can help you with your direct bookings!

FREE persuasive reservations GUIDE

We are very enthusiastic about sales psychology and how it can benefit hotels and accommodation to be more persuasive in the reservation process. We love it so much, we wrote this free guide to help you see how it can benefit you!

Download your free Persuasive Reservations Guide

Page Speed

Want to check something cool? Ever wondered about how fast your page is? Not to worry, we got you sorted. Click this link to find our your page speed insights from Google, which helps analyses the content of your web pages, and provides suggestions to make your pages faster!

PageSpeed Insights

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

The elina PMS booking engine uses enhanced ecommerce, so read a handy guide on Google about how to get the most from the data, by learning about how it will show shopping and purchasing behavior, abandonment and more.

Read about how to use Enhanced Ecommerce

Use Hotjar for website design decisions

We recommend signing up for a free (or upgraded Hotjar) account for your website and / or booking engine. It will enable you to see heatmaps, recordings of people using your website and more. The information will help you (or your agency) make informed decisions about design changes.

Check out Hotjar

spotibo: google search results preview

Use Spotibo to help with technical SEO. This tool helps you preview your Google search result, in order to check the length of your text - title and meta description - being displayed in Google. It tells you exactly how long your meta descriptions should be according to be displayed without cut-out words. A very easy and useful tool, helps you get better at SEO practice.

Use Google search preview tool


Fuel Hotel marketing podcast

A great podcast with a bank of super episodes on direct bookings, Google, rate parity and lot's more. Worth looking at their back catalog for topics you want to know more about.

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast


Track your campaigns from other websites by making sure you have UTM codes set up. This free tool will build the URLs for you and then you just have to copy and paste them.


As a hotelier or accommodation provider, it can be helpful to know how users engage with your website. Use Mixpanel to analyze user behaviour across your website and apps. This tool helps you identify and learn why users convert, engage and retain. Monitor your users based on their actions and behaviour - not page views. Mixpanel has been created to make it easy for non-techie marketers so this makes a useful tool for your business. 

Facebook Audience Insights

If your serviced apartment, hotel, or vacation rental has a Facebook business page that allows users to make bookings via your page - check out Facebook Audience Insights tool. This free tool will help give you insight into your hotel or accommodation provider business, as well as give insight into your competition's audience. Use this information to improve your communications and campaigns to target effectively. 

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool that is a content change detection and notification service. This tool sends emails to you when it finds new results - such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs or topics -whatever search is relevant to you and your hotel business (that matches your search term).


google testmysite

TestMySite is a tool that performs speed testing on your web performance on mobile devices. All you need to do is enter your URL and press enter!

Try it out - Google TestMySite




Evernote is an app designed for note-taking, organizing, task management, and archiving. This app enables you to effectively create notes in text, pictures, drawings or saved web content. A great tool to help keep you organized. 


Buzzsumo is an easy and simple tool to use for generating content ideas. Enter a keyword related to the type of content you are planning on writing, and a list of popular posts by social share from sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc will appear. This will surely help with content ideas for your hotel or accommodation provider blogs!



Canva is a great tool for creating cool and professional-looking graphics for anything. An easy-to-use design platform allows you to create a variety of graphics for your property or even personal use. Canva offers a wide range of templates that will make your blog posts, social media posts, collaterals, etc stand out. You can also create logos, email and social media page banners for your hotel property accounts. 


Buffer is a web extension that allows you to connect to all of your social media sites from one dashboard. Schedule your content and spread them throughout the day - that's it. You can set up the times (or let the app do it for you) and let Buffer do the rest - simple.  


Get Pocket - save content from everywhere. Be able to save articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app. It's a 'save-for-later' service and can be visible on any device - phone, tablet or computer and be viewed online and offline.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a free Google Chrome extension for your Google Chrome browser that allows you to take snapshots of anything you are browsing. You can also make detailed annotations on the screenshots and share them with your team members and others. 


Be able to watch your web visitors use your site. Inspectlet is a tool that records videos of your users as they use your site, allowing you see everything they do. Mouse movements, scrolling, clicks and keypress on your site. A great tool to analyze user behaviour. Free version available. 

Direct bookings property content set up guide

Check out our elina direct bookings property content set up guide. You can download a copy here.

Convert to Jpg

This helpful windows tool can convert easily .png files to .jpeg. This is handy depending on which format you need and saves a lot of time.