How to add Facebook 'Book Now' to your page

How to add Facebook 'Book Now' to your page

How to add Facebook 'Book Now' to your page

Leveraging facebook to increase direct bookings

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With Facebook’s ‘Call to Action’ selection of buttons, you can now add this to your Facebook business page, which not only means it is a great way to increase your reservations, but also it is a great platform to gain more business recognition.


Linking the ‘Book Now’ button gives your customers a fast and easy way to book reservations, providing them with a smooth booking experience.


Wondering how to set this up on your business Facebook page? Not to worry. Take notes as we have created a clear step-by-step guide on how to set this up:


Step 1: Log into your Facebook business page as an admin

Firstly you would want to login in, and select ‘Create Call to Action’, which should be located on your page banner. You may have already have a call-to-action active, which in this case you would want to click ‘edit button’ to change that.



Step 2: Select your call to action

Facebook provides you a list of options to a button relating to match your intention. Each comes with a drop down arrow where you will find a suitable call to action. In your case, you would most likely select the ‘Book Now’ label which can be found under the ‘Book with you’ option.




Step 3: Choose your destination

The whole purpose of this is to send users to the correct section of your website. You are creating a stronger call to action, and want more direct bookings without frustrated users not being able to navigate through your website properly.


Select ‘Link to Website’ and enter your URL for your reservation page. Click save, and then finish.




Step 4: Test, measure, results!

Now that you have set up and enabled your ‘Book Now’ button, you now want to test and see if it links to your website in your booking section.




Testing your ‘Book Now’ button works fine? Great!


You can now track and analyze the number of users who have clicked on your call to action. Simply, go over to the top menu bar and click on ‘Insights’ to see how many people have visited or clicked that week.



Client example: El Ladron De Agua 

Here is a example of one of our clients El Ladron De Agua, on how we simply set up their 'Book Now' call to action preference on their Facebook business page:



The Elina PMS team would love to hear about your experience and results with using the Facebook ‘Book Now’ button –  get in touch and let us know!