PMS integration to Xero

We are big fans of Xero at elina PMS. Yes, we have an integration to Xero for the property management system. We also use Xero in managing our own accounts.

Read an overview of what Xero can do for you.

The integration enables invoices on reservations to be automatically sent to populate the P&L in Xero.

How elina PMS works with Xero

  • Invoice generated in Elina with invoice number or paid (whichever happens first) sends to Xero
  • If the invoice recipient is new then Elina sends the contact details to Xero. If the invoice recipient already exists this does not happen (but it will send updates if the invoice recipient details have changed since the last invoice that was sent across)
  • Credit note generated in Elina against a debit note sends to Xero. This then needs to be married up with its debit note in Xero
  • Credit note generated in Elina manually does not send to Xero and therefore needs to be created manually in Xero
  • Payment received for invoice in Elina sends payment transaction for said invoice to Xero
  • Payment/Refund and Payment Receipt transactions done on Elina accounts do not send across to Xero as they do not relate to specific invoices
  • Deposits ("Register Payment") in Elina does not send across to Xero – the way you are working, you are not charging upfront, so you will also not be changing deposits prior to arrival
  • General "send all invoices from Elina to Xero for X to Y period" option 
  • Tax code mapping (tax code in Elina mapped to equivalent tax code in Xero) 
  • Invoice department mapping (invoice department in Elina mapped to sales code in Xero) 
  • Payment type mapping (payment method in Elina mapped to sales code in Xero.)