Software for Luxury Apartments

Software for Luxury Apartments

Software for Luxury Apartments

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Elina PMS works with serviced apartments and apart hotels in over 20 countries. We partner with 100’s of apartment providers. Looking to learn what luxury apartments are? Are you operating luxury apartments and looking for software?


What are Luxury Apartments?


Users on Quora have posseted what a luxury apartment is? At Elina PMS we have quite a few customers who provide luxury apartments to guests. We think it’s a high end apartment building, with excellent furnishing which makes it feel like a 5-star hotel room. These are usually modern, trendy, beautifully designed with interesting features.


Do Luxury Serviced Apartments need software?


The short answer is yes. It really helps with distribution to get more bookings, managing operations, guest contact, reporting and managing owners. Using property management software means more revenue earned and less time on manual tasks, helping improve guest experience and facilitating growth.


Luxury apartments in the UK that use Elina PMS property management software.

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Staying Cool - high up on the Rotunda in Birmingham. If you are looking for a luxury and trendy stay in the city of Birmingham Staying Cool is the perfect place to stay and experience an aparthotel.


Signet Apartments – an award winning provider of luxury serviced apartments based in Cambridge with studios through to penthouses available. Ideal for short through to long stays with an experienced team.


Portfolio Serviced Apartments – a pure provider of corporate stays and extended stays for those staying on business, relocating or for insurance housing, Portfolio is building a reputation for providing luxury accommodation in Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.


Flying Butler Serviced Apartments – Flying Butler have a large selection of high end serviced apartments for corporate and leisure bookings throughout London.


Looking for property management software for luxury apartments?


10 reasons Elina PMS is ideal for luxury serviced apartment providers.


Making sure guests have a great pre stay, arrival and check out is as important as having beautiful apartments. Here is our top 10.


1. Track guest requests. See notes or requests from guests about their stay. These stay attached to the guest profile and listed against that reservation.


2. Show off all your amenities. List as many amenities and features of your apartments, to show how they are luxury.


3. Use your content. Store your image, feature and written content in the system. This will power your online booking engine. In additiona it can be used use for rental channels such as AirBnB and to help staff choose the right apartment visually when making a phone reservation.


4. Contact guests pre and post arrival. Set up branded email templates to contact guests pre and post stay. Send them their booking confirmation, email them travel instructions, or how to check in. Send them a link for writing a review after they leave.

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5. Track guest loyalty. See how many times they have stayed. See which accommodation they stayed in previously. Track their spend and requests. See if they have a preference on the apartment or on what they have as extras.


6. Offer guests add ons. Empower guests to pick or buy add ons for their stay, or tell them when you include something for free, such as a welcome pack, or wifi. Make the experience feel great.


7. Increase your price as your apartments fill. Set rules to increase prices as you fill you apartments. Luxury apartments should command good prices and so then you can be sure you yield your revenue as the dates get busier and your available occupancy reduces.


8. Guest login. Give guests a great experience by enabling them to login and check, or edit their booking. Let them also check the balance on their account with you. This is becoming increasingly important with the GDPR changes in Europe.


9. Corporate friendly. Provide corporate customers with their own rate codes and policies. Offering invoicing that work for them is important and often luxury serviced apartments have a lot of corporate customers. Give them their own travel manager to track bookings past and future.


10. Integrate with other services. Picking software that can integrate with other systems or services which are part of delivering a luxury stay to you guests helps. When one system talks to another, you can be sending door codes to guests, giving them an in room app, getting their exact requirements to housekeeping in detail or allowing them to set the temperature on their room before they arrive.


Where should I book luxury serviced apartments?


Our blog piece on where reservations for apartment providers are coming from highlights that most bookings are coming in from, Expedia and AirBnB from online travel agents and a lot are still booking through traditional agents such as Silverdoor, or going directly and booking online or via phone.


If you are operating or own luxury apartments and are looking to diversify your business with either short or long stays and manage more efficiently then Elina PMS is property management software designed for serviced apartments.

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