Our journey at Elina

Who are we, where did we come from, why are we here?

Elina is a brand run and owned by Vestibule Marketing Ltd, serving hotels, serviced apartments and vacation rentals around the world!

We provide software, digital marketing and websites. Vestibule Marketing Ltd owns Elina PMS the cloud software, part of our property management platform.

Our purpose

Vestibule Marketing Ltd helps hotels and accommodation to be better at marketing and innovation

Elina PMS is the ‘marketing powered’ property management platform

Elina (trademarked) is the brand we use for our software and services

The challenge we see around the world in hospitality

Hotels are really good at servicing guests. The problem is they have little or no time to do marketing. We are not talking about the Marriott’s, Accor and Starwoods of the world, but about small and medium sized accommodation providers.

This is why big OTAs like Booking.com, Expedia & AirBnB have done so well and now control most reservations. In any business the two most important elements are marketing and innovation. Get these right and your business will thrive.

How we help

We help hotels and accommodation do these two things much better. We give the small guys a chance against the big guys! Hotels should be able to control and own the guests data and experience, whilst building a sustainable brand and growing in a way they want. That comes through being stronger at marketing through affordable and easy to use tools and with helpful services.

Updated Timeline

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Vestibule Marketing Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales.

Company registration number 06237112.

Corporate and postal address: Vestibule Marketing Ltd, 28 Longstaff Crescent, LONDON SW18 4BA, UK 


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