our customers talk

Watch a few short videos of some of our customers talking about how Elina PMS and our team helps them.

Staying Cool

Elina PMS allows us to prvovide a full 360 degree guest experience. We have used Elina for about eight years now and have nothing but praise for the company and its product. It is at the forefront of cloud-based PMS.

Brera Serviced Apartments

We appreciate Elina because of the 360 degree view it provides from automating the customer journey, to easy operating and HQ reports for control and revenue management.

Approved Property Group

Elina has really helped our business from an operations point of view and also a management point of view. The reporting features to track things like where the bookings are coming from, how long they're staying for, what's the average length of stay, what's the lead time from the time of booked is really useful for us...


Elina has helped us out by streamlining our business, saving a lot of staff tie and improving accuracy around reservations. We are more efficient as a result.


We have worked with other PMS products in our hotels the past - (some of them from name brands) - but Elina is so much better and at a very competitive price. Their "hands on" management style and excellent customer service is very reassuring for us as owners, and for our staff. As owners we like to be able to monitor the business, day to day. Elina gives us lots of options to accomplish just that. Elina is reliable and the staff love the functionality and efficiency. We have had the software in our hotel for 5 years now, and never experienced a problem. Over the years we have requested that Elina added some features that we felt were missing, and this was promptly done and is now an integral part of the software. A good PMS is never "static", but needs to be in constant development in partnership with the users to keep up with the ever changing market.

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