Elina PMS Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers say

Approved Property Group

Elina has really helped our business from an operations point of view and also a management point of view. The reporting features to track things like where the bookings are coming from, how long they're staying for, what's the average length of stay, what's the lead time from the time of booked is really useful for us...

Living Suites

Being an apart hotel without a 24-hour front office, business process automation is key. Elina PMS has helped us to achieve the desired automation saving up to 30 work hours per month. Furthermore, I have worked with a range of Property Management Systems, and the support at Elina is the best I have come across. The online training section features a lot of helpful articles and videos, and the onsite training we received from Siggi was outstanding. The concierge team responds within the same day, and their support is highly qualified. Elina also integrates well with best-of-breed partners such as channel managers, payment gateways and Snapshot, a specialized business analytics tool. I can highly recommend Elina PMS to other apartment hotels or serviced apartments.

Staying Cool

We have used Elina for about five years now and have nothing but praise for the company and its product. It is at the forefront of cloud-based PMSs and offers a great integrated email marketing package as well as everything you would expect around property management, guest databases, invoicing, housekeeping etc. It also integrates well with other software such as channel manager.


Awesome System and Excellent customer service The System is user friendly and no question on the systems functionally is ever too much for the Elina Cares team to help and guide you with, Would highly recommend the system and the Team, Thanks

Artist Residence

We've worked with Siggi and his team since almost day 1. Now 3 sites later and growing they've been there for the whole journey... (With lots of added features too)! This is really nice software to use!. Easy to navigate and really helpful and friendly support - Siggi is amazing! Also great that you can work with Elina if there is something that you want to develop they do listen and try and put this into production to constantly develop the software.

Limestone Hotel & Lyme Townhouse

Elina is at the forefront of our daily operations and efficiently manages our hotels. Constantly evolving and introducing new features such as the I-POS integration - which we love! The design with bold, bright orange colours are cool and user friendly. I could not imagine our two hotels running without Elina and would recommend the software to anyone who is looking for an innovative, user friendly and efficient way to run their business. Pros: flexibility, pretty much paperless concept, integration with other software, continuously evolving, great customer service. Cons: n/a! Recommendations to other buyers: constantly evolve with the software, as these guys don't like to sit still ! :)

Peymans Serviced Accommodation

Elina PMS has been a game-changing find for us. As we run many serviced apartments in different locations as single units, Elina has allowed us to vastly decrease our admin time and at the same time up our occupancy rate. Its smooth integration with a range of channel managers and, what's more, the ability to connect simultaneously to more than one channel manager, is helping us sell our properties in real time on a much wider range of sites. Moreover, all our landlords are now happy with the immense transparency that Elina's landlord system provides with regards to the financial side of reservations. We had spent 6 months looking for a good Property Management System and tried out a number of them before finally finding Elina. If you're on the chase, cut it short as it's the best value that you're going to get, and at an affordable rate!

Short Stay Rome Srl

We were looking for a tailor made PMS and we came accross Elina that offers us unique solutions to manage our properties. We can highly recommend this PMS and above the customer service is excellent

The Apartments

After working with the Elina system in a previous role, I did not hesitate to choose the PMS system once again. It is a very intuitive platform & perfectly suited to our business. Siggi & the team provide excellent support & actively encourage feedback. They are very good at listening to our suggestions & implementing new features to meet our needs. Would not hesitate to recommend!


The more I get into the system the more I am finding how much it will benefit our company, so many thanks for all your efforts so far and I hope you have a good weekend!

Pinnacle Residences

We never came across a better Customer Service team. Elina's team are amazing! ALWAYS happy to help! Siggi, Jeff and the rest!

Wilderness Reserve

Wilderness Reserve chose Elina as our first venture into the world of online bookings and we would happily recommend Elina and Vestibule Solutions to other luxury travel brands. The solution driven approach to working means that we are always working alongside the Elina team to come up with new ways to improve both our business offerings and tackle problems with innovative solutions. Elina has allowed us a seamless integration and customised booking engine with a strong commitment to offer us continuous support from their concierge team.

Mondo Living Holiday Homes LLC

Mondo Hospitality team is pleased to work with the Elina team. Elina has streamlined the guest bookings and eased our check-in / check-out process. Coupled with a third party booking engine, we have been able to integrate Elina with our OTA partners for a real time bookings update. The Elina team provide excellent support, any issues / concerns are either addressed immediately or are taken up for consideration (in case we are asking for any reporting structure changes etc.). Overall, an excellent partner to have on board


After trying some other Property Management Software we came across Elina. This is one of the best multi-Property management software on the market. It totally changed our lives and we were finally able to manage our own properties stress free. The software is easy to use, offers channel manager synchronisation along with the payment gateway and accounting software. Siggi & Jeff have been a great source of help and information and are always willing to take time to help and explain. They are passionate about what they do and are constantly improving the features to make the software better and to cater for the evolving market. We also got a brand new website built by Vestibule Solutions which is also another branch of Elina. Matteo and his team did an excellent job custom designing our website.


Elina booking engine enables clients, agencies and tour operators make bookings directly and check availability, making our reception tasks much easier.

Heaven Naoussa

We run a B&B on the island of Paros, in Greece and we have been working with Vestibule Solutions since the inception of "Elina". Elina is an advanced, comprehensive and flexible tool we use to manage the whole 360 degrees of our business. The system is very user friendly and works alongside us from the moment a customer makes a booking to the moment they check out. Elina is not only an administrative tool but we can also manage our marketing strategies, our finance back-office and a lot more. Furthermore, we believe that another strong value add is related to the excellent "concierge" service we can rely on: competence, efficiency and customer orientation. I strongly recommend Elina

Lateral City

We started working with Elina one year ago and I am delighted with the product and the service. I chose Elina because of its multi-site functionality and the marketing function, it is also extremely cost effective. I found the install as painless as these events can be and the change of channel managers was handled promptly and efficiently meaning we had very little down time on our channels. The initial training was thorough and it was great working with Siggi, who absolutely understands where we want to get to and is there to help. Over the past year I have found the support to be the same, they don’t just answer your question, they ensure they understand what it is you are trying to achieve and then they help. It is pleasing to work with a team who take the development of the software seriously, I have found them to be reassuring professional. Since moving to them we have added an additional 20 apartments which has been pain free. I really cannot recommend this product and the team highly enough it’s intuitive and importantly stable, in this first year we have had no significant down time. If you are a serviced apartment business of any size, this product will work for you and improve your business. I chose it because I know it will grow with us.

Silver City Serviced Apartments

The Vestibule Solutions team have been a key facilitator in the set up and running of our Serviced Apartments operation. Their contribution has been threefold: an excellent online system for managing bookings, rates and payment, a beautifully designed functional website that connects to this system and ongoing support and training for taking the inevitable learning curves. The team headed by Siggi, Bernadett, Kamila and Mareen, have been nothing but professional, extremely patient and dedicated to providing solutions (and thus making our lives easier!). These individuals are very pleasant to talk to, extremely detail oriented, and work fantastically as a cohesive team. We would 100% recommend both Elina as the best PMS tool out there and Vestibule Solutions as the team to guide you with your serviced apartments business. First class product and service


Vestibule Solutions has basically rebuilt my website from scratch. They have integrated their booking-engine and back-end PMS system and have recently integrated all that to a card payment system. This has all been handled extremely well, and they have created a truly exceptional front and back end website.... I have also been paying their team a monthly retainer to manage the company's SEO and general website optimisation. They have performed beyond expectation with this. The results speak for themselves as now thousands of unique visitors visit my site monthly.... Beyond that though, and most critically, I really feel that Vestibule Solutions has my company's best interests at heart. I feel that they often go beyond the call of duty to ensure that Boutique London Lets gets results. I find it very rare to have a contractor or an outsourced function to truly believe in and strive for the good of the company - and this is exactly what Vestibule Solutions does...

The Scent Hotel

They have a very passionate team: Siggi is crazy about finding solutions, Iselin is crazy about marketing and web development, Christopher is crazy about providing a great/useful and very strong product, Thomas is crazy about online marketing. We are crazy about creating a wonderful hotel. We love working with people who are passionate about what we do. Usually finding a PMS system, a booking engine, delegating SEO responsibilities, managing website development are all the least liked aspects of running a hotel. Through their products and work Vestibule Solutions makes managing these tasks simple. Through their personality they make it fun. Work with them, you will not regret it!

My City Housing

Elina for us is a fantastic service - rather than a product. In our opinion the most advanced online PMS tool. Providing us with a 5 star service and a smile, nothing was too much and everything was possible. Although the system works slightly different compared to offline modules, it is so user friendly and above all very flexible. I never experienced a provider able to provide such service and assistance. In the short period we use Elina, we already received 3 new releases! And that is what we need in this highly flexible and ever changing market.

Marigold TF

Dear Elina, From the very first day of speaking with you up until present day, you have been professional, courteous & completely understanding of my business needs. Whilst I am only a small company, you have treated me with the utmost respect & have made me feel comfortable whenever we have had our conferences, telephone calls & training.They say "patience is a virtue" so after dealing with me, you must feel like saints! I hope we will continue to have a great working relationship.