About us

Our Challenge

Hospitality providers are really good at servicing guests. The common problem is that by being serviced orientated, time is prioritised to manual processes in reservations and operations. Therefore, the elements that help growth, such as: building direct sales, focusing on reducing time on tasks, and growing a property portfolio -all become secondary. Our challenge is to help hospitality business grow faster and achieve their goals more quickly.

How we help

We help hospitality by bringing automation to daily work through elina PMS and integrated apps and services. We help through providing leading booking engine technology as part of our services to make your direct channel strong, while growing and strategically managing distribution. We support by providing tools to help you manage your owners and be flexible in your business model.

Our Mission Statement


To enable and inspire hospitality through ideas and innovation.

Our Values


1. Innovation: We think differently about things and find new and smart ways to deliver.

2. Empowerment: We believe in the power of choice.

3. Autonomy & Teamwork: You do you! Find balance and help your team get the best results.

4. Care: We want the best for the people we work with

5. Authenticity: We express our true selves and give everyone a voice.

6. Fun: Smile. Have a laugh. You get one life!

Management team

Making growth easier

Proudly serving hotel, serviced apartments and vacation rentals around the world since 2008. We provide software solutions, digital marketing and both our EasyPro websites and custom websites.

Making growth easier allows you to focus on guest service, growing your brand and growing your hospitality business.

elina PMS, the software is owned by Vestibule Marketing Ltd.